There is nothing wrong with working hard. A lot of people have made quite a successful career for themselves by working hard. But, if you keep working hard today, then you will still be working hard tomorrow.

It is often very easy to get caught up in the repetitiveness and monotony of the task at hand. When this happens you end up doing the same things constantly; over and over again. Eventually all your time is consumed by this monotony, thus preventing you from doing anything innovative.

It is more important to work smart.

If you have a task that can easily be performed in a more efficient manner, then find a way to do it.

If you have a task that can be easily automated (with software or otherwise), then find a way to do it.

If you have a task that can easily be delegated (tasked to a subordinate or even outsourced), then find a way to do it.

Working smart is all about time, and time is truly the most limited resource above all. If you can reduce the amount of time you spend performing the tasks you do today, then you will essentially have more time tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter if you shave 4 hours or 1 minute off the time to perform a single task. Over a period of weeks, months or even years those small amounts of time saved will add up. It’s all about small victories compiled over time, not just at work but in your personal life as well.

By working smart you will be able to accomplish things that you once only dreamed about.