The future of case design; Desktops?, Laptops?, A hybrid of both?

You know how all our electronics are getting smaller and lighter as a result. Well, I think that in about 7 to 10 years the average desktop pc in homes will no longer be what they are today. Today they are these big boxes that are kind of an eye sore. I think that they will be smaller and possibly even part of the monitor, or they might just get rid of that bulky case and just go totally portable. Wouldn’t that be cool, Your home pc would be the pc you could take anywhere. Now, you are probably thinking ‘that’s what laptops are’. I’m thinking bigger. I think that these new pc’s will be just as upgradable and powerful as todays desktops, and also just as portable as todays laptops. This would bridge the gap between desktops and laptops, and would create as single style that would be higher on the evolutionary chain.