Here is a pretty neat edit you can do to add your own manufacturer information and logo to the System Properties dialog.

Show Computer Manufacturer and Support Information (All Windows)

This tip lets you include company and support information on the System Properties page in Control Panel. This is especially useful if you run a computer store and want your customers to be reminded where they bought their PC and where to get technical support.

To add the manufacturer and support information you need to create two new files in the Windows system directly, normally C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM for Windows 95, 98 and Me and C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32 for Windows NT and 2000.</font>

The first file is a text file called ```OEMINFO.INI```. To create the file open notepad and copy the template below, make any changes and save the file in the System directory.


Manufacturer=Your Company, Inc.
Model=Your Computer Model
[Support Information]
Line1=first line
Line2=second line
Line3=third line
Line4=fourth line
LineN=nth line
; Create as many lines as you need by incrementing the Line number

The other file you need to create is a logo file. This is a standard Windows bitmap file (172 x 172 pixels), saved as OEMLOGO.BMP in the Windows System directory.

Once you have created both these files open System Properties from Control Panel and your company information and logo will be displayed. The details you entered in the [Support Information] section will show up when you click on the Support Information button.

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