At last, the new March ASP.NET “Atlas” CTP comes with Go-Live. I downloaded the latest release and am planning on playing around with it alot soon. I’ve been waiting for it to have a Go-Live license so I can use it in some of my personal projects I’m working on.

If you don’t know what ASP.NET “Atlas” is; it’s basically an AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript And Xml) framework for ASP.NET 2.0.

They are also expected to be releaseing an Atlas Refresh this month, which includes bug fixes and more features. Also, this month they are to be releasing an Atlas Control pack that features a set of easy to use, re-usable UI controls (cascading dropdown lists, drag-panels, collapsible panels, etc., etc.) So far I’ve been hand coding all my “Web 2.0” AJAX stuff, but I’m excited to see what ASP.NET “Atlas” has to offer.

ASP.NET “Atlas”: Scott Guthrie: Upcoming ASP.NET Releases in April