Friday night, two days ago, the Wisconsin .NET Users Group held a dinner to thank some of the most active and influential people in the community. I was lucky enough to get invited because I’m one of the more active Bloggers in the users group. The dinner offered the chance to enjoy live local music, learn more about the WI .NET Users Group and meet/talk with the speakers that would be presenting at Deeper in .NET 2006. How could I pass on this great opportunity?

Well, since I’m sort of shy and not that social, I didn’t end up talking with very many people that night. This is something I’m trying to change; after all I did go to the dinner instead of just staying home. I also brought one of my co-workers along.

We were able to meet and talk with Scott Hanselman for a few minutes. I asked him what it was like to be so well known (in the .NET world) and be sort of a “.NET Rock Star.” He basically replied by saying he’s just a developer like you or I who talks louder. (He was going to stand up on a chair to demonstrate this but there weren’t any close by.)

It’s really neat to meet the people who author some of the books, blogs and/or podcasts you listen to or read.