I went out at lunch today and purchased a Moleskine (well, the one I got isn’t made by the Moleskine company, but it’s still a pocket sized, hard cover notebook), and a nice 0.5mm fine point pen. I’ve already read some of the “hacks” for Moleskine’s, and pondered getting one for a few months. I even tried folding a piece of 8.5”x11” paper so it was like a pocket sized book, but that didn’t last long due to the vulnarability of paper.

My use of it is going to basically be a “poor mans” PDA. Maybe if I use this enough, I’ll get a Pocket PC at some point, but I don’t know since this doesn’t require any power.

My stats are now 1:1. It’s only the second day of the Lunch Time Code, and I’ve already gone a day without coding.