Yesterday I started writing a Windows Service Monitor, but I didn’t finish it during my lunch time. And, since I had a little extra time last night and this morning (I’m off work today by the way), I spent some time finishing it. Yeah I know it’s cheating but I’m the one who wrote the rules for this initiative anyway.

LunchTimeCoder.ServiceMonitor minimized to the system tray

This app is relatively simple, you pick what services to monitor on the local machine and it minimizes to the system tray. When a service you are monitoring stops, it will change the system tray icon to have a red X on it and popup a balloon tip telling you what services are stopped. You can then double-click the system tray icon to bring up the main UI of the app where you can start/stop any of the services you are monitoring.

Both source code (C# only) and the compiled executable are available for download. If you have any additional suggestions for this app, let me know by posting a comment to this post.

More information on LunchTimeCoder.ServiceMonitor here