LunchTimeCoder.ServiceMonitor v1.1 Released

I just posted up the latest release (v1.1) of my windows service monitor app.

Download LunchTimeCoder.ServiceMonitor v1.1

This is a small utility that monitors windows services running on the local machine or any maching on the local network. And notifies you via an icon in the system tray and a balloon popup telling you which services aren’t running. You can also Start and Stop services from this utility.

New Features in this version:

  • Added ability to monitor services on any computer on the local network
  • The utility now remembers what services to monitor the next time it starts up
  • The services current state is now displayed next to its name

If you have any other suggestions for this little app, let me know. I’ve pretty much run out of any other feature ideas for this at the moment.

Hmm… What little app or component should I work on next?