I first started downloading Windows 7 Ultimate off MSDN using the old File Transfer Manager and it was taking FOREVER to download. The download started out good, then it dropped off to about 40KB/sec and said it would take about 14 hours to finish! Man, I was hoping I’d be able to get it downloaded quick so I can start updating my machines today/tonight.
Then I saw a Twitter post by @Rickster_CDN mentioning a link to a page with the AKAMAI links for TechNet to download Windows 7 WAY FASTER! Actually the link is to the “Top Downloads” page on TechNet.
It turns out that MSDN has the same kind of “Top Downloads” page, so  you can really use AKAMAI to download Windows 7 much FASTER whether you have an MSDN or TechNet Subscription.
Here’s the Links:
TechNet Top Downloads with AKAMAI Links
MSDN Top Downloads with AKAMAI Links
I’m currently downloading Windows 7 Ultimate RTM at about 1.3MB/sec and I have about 28 minutes left. It sure beat the crap out of the File Transfer Manager downloading at about 40KB/sec.
Happy Downloading!