This page lists a bunch of different geographic / geo-spatial data sources that provide FREE data to be consumed. I haven’t really found any resource link list like this, so I thought I’d start one.

Maps / Charts - NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey — USA - Raster Navigational Charts: NOAA RNCs

Cartographic Boundary Data - State, County, ZipCode, School District, etc. in USA

Points of Interest - Domestic Name - State and Topical Gazetteer Download Files <– Points of Interest all over USA - ED.GOV - Find Schools - Search for Schools, Colleges and Libraries – USA - List of Wisconsin School Districts - Wisconsin WISEdash Data File by Year

Other Data - USGS Real-time Feeds & Notifications - US Census Partnership Shapefiles - US Census Geography Maps & Data - 2010 Census Gazeteer Files - US Census 2012 Tiger Data - Free USA Zip Code Data - US Census 2009 Tiger Data - US Census 2008 Tiger Data

Free ShapeFile Downloads