When updating the location a pushpin using the Bing Maps Ajax Control, the pushpin instantly moves to its new location. Sometimes this may work, but other times it may be nice to animate the movement. Updating the location a vehicle in an asset tracking application is one example where it would be nice to animate the movement.
I wrote a simple extension to the Bing Maps Ajax v7 control that adds the “Pushpin.moveLocation” method to perform such an animation. <h3>Usage</h3>
Let’s start with some sample usage of the “Pushpin.moveLocation” method. <pre class="csharpcode">// Move pushpin to new location // using the default animation speed // of 1000 milliseconds (1 second) pushpin.moveLocation( new Microsoft.Maps.Location(47, -87) );

// Move pushpin to new location // using a speed of 2000 milliseconds // or 2 seconds pushpin.moveLocation( new Microsoft.Maps.Location(47, -87), 2000 );</pre>

Method Reference

Here’s some documentation for the “Pushpin.moveLocation” method:

Pushpin.moveLocation(location, speed)

This methods moves the pushpin to a new location using an animation of slowly moving the pushpin over the period of the specified interval.

  1. **location **– The Location to move the pushpin to.
  2. **speed** – The time period to perform the animation, in milliseconds. If not specified, the default is 1000 milliseconds, or 1 second.

Full Extension Source Code

Here’s the full source code for adding the “Pushpin.moveLocation” extension to Bing Maps Ajax v7.

(function ($m) {
    (function(proto) {
        if (!proto.moveLocation){
            proto.moveLocation = function(loc, speed) {
                // loc = Location to move the pushpin to
                // speed = time (in milliseconds) to perform animation
                var that = this, startLoc = this.getLocation(),
                    endLoc = loc, startTime = new Date();
                if (speed === undefined){
                    speed = 1000; // Default to 1 second
                var interval = window.setInterval(function() {
                    var timeElapsed = (new Date()) - startTime;
                    if (timeElapsed >= speed){
                        // Full animation time (speed) has elapsed
                        // Just set final location and end animation
                    // Set the Latitude/Longitude values to a percentage
                    // of the total distance to move based on the amount
                    // of time that has elapsed since animation started.
                    var timeElapsedPercent = (timeElapsed / speed);
                    var latitudeDistToMove = (
                        endLoc.latitude - startLoc.latitude
                    var longitudeDistToMove = (
                        endLoc.longitude - startLoc.longitude
                    that.setLocation(new $m.Location(
                        startLoc.latitude + (timeElapsedPercent * latitudeDistToMove),
                        startLoc.longitude + (timeElapsedPercent * longitudeDistToMove)
                }, 10);


This is a really simple Pushpin animation extension that does its job very nicely. However, this is just the beginning of what a more feature full extension would provide.