A couple years ago I posted some thoughts on “You are responsible for YOU” pointing out that you much take control for your own actions. I’ve been thinking about this a bit recently and thought I would expand on that thought and add a bit. You can’t merely be responsible for yourself and your actions, but you much also “Own it.”

Own It

To “Own It” means to not just take the responsibility for yourself and to start action, but to also take responsibility for the consequences of your actions. Whether the consequences are good or bad, you must take responsibility and just Own It.

Something good happens; Own it.

Something bad happens; Own it.

Once you own it, you will stop blaming others for your failures; for your misfortune; for your luck. When you own it, you start taking full responsibility for your actions and their outcomes. Owning it grants you the power to truly control what you do and the path you take as a result of the consequences of your actions.

Just Own It!

Do Your Best

Theres another aspect to the whole “Own it” idea, and that is to “Do Your Best.” I’ve borrowed this a bit from what I’ve learned from Tony Horton.

Tony Horton says: “Do your best, and forget the rest.

There’s a lot to learn from such a simple phrase. The lessons learned from my own personal health and fitness journey with the help from Tony Horton, Beachbody and P90X / P90X3 have really taught me what it means to do my best. When you’ve done your best, you know there isn’t anything more you could have done. Additionally, the next time you take a go at it, you just do your best again, but this time leveraging the improvements you’ve made from the last time to do better; even if it’s just a little bit better.

The “forget the rest” part of that quote perhaps offers a bit more wisdom. There are so many times when people tend to keep comparing themselves to others; not just one other, but all others. When we compare ourselves to everyone else, there’s a huge disconnect from how we see ourselves and how other individuals actually are. If you compare ALL others best parts to your own, you will certainly feel weak, little and inadequate. But, when you compare your individual self to your past self, you will certainly see strength, power and capability.