Be True to Yourself, First

There are many times in life that we get nudged in this direction or that so that we make other people happy by doing or saying what’s necessary to get to that goal. We all need people to work for, be friends with, get along with that do require a little extra effort at times to keep them happy. This is a necessity of life, however, if you aren’t true to yourself then you will eventually lose interested and fade off.

Being true to yourself is being honest with yourself at the most basic level. Everyone makes promises to themselves to get projects done or meet certain goals. Being true to yourself is being honest about what you need to do, how you’ve done and what you need to do going forward. We all falter and struggle at times. We will all fail at something once in a while. While the consequences of these failures can be tough from others; it is often our own personal disappointment that can be the toughest. It is important to be honest with yourself and take responsibility for that failure.

I’ve blogged about failure being greater success than success in the past. The most important thing of failure is to learn from it; learn what to do better next time. If you don’t learn, then you tried and failed both for no reason. Why just keep repeating the same thing over and over without success? You may not “succeed” depending on your definition for “success” every time, but eventually you will meet that “success” definition. It feels awesome when you finally do!

The next important thing whether you succeed or fail is to be true to yourself. You need to be happy with yourself, with who you are, and who you are becoming in life.

What ever you do, first be true to yourself. The honesty and integrity that results will help impress others and help you earn the credibility to get the chances necessary to meet your goals; what ever those goals are.

Remember, Be True to Yourself! First.