Everyone fails at something before they succeed. There is so much more to learn from failure than success. I’ve posted before about Failure being greater success than success pointing out how valuable failure is for learning, growing and future success. A huge benefit of failing here and there over time is Wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience, and more experience can be gained from failure than success.

Sure success is great, but when you succeed all you learn is how to succeed under those singular circumstances. When you fail you have an opportunity to learn so much more, and grow so much more personally, professionally, what ever. In order to make the most out of failure you must be honest with yourself, accept criticism from others, and be humbled by the experience. By reflecting on what when well and what went poorly, you will gain an immense insight about why things ended the way they did.

Take those failures for all they are worth. Own them. Grow from them. Then, use what you’ve learned, the wisdom you’ve gained, and apply it later to succeed greater than you could have if you never acquired that wisdom.

Embrace failure. Let it earn you the wisdom to succeed.