With the recent release of the Microsoft HoloLens, I’ve decided to dig deep into HoloLens development. In an effort to continue in a similar fashion to what I’m already doing with BuildAzure.com, I’ve decided to create a dedicated site for all my Microsoft HoloLens content.

The latest addition to my learning, blogging, and sharing endeavors is the all new Build HoloLens blog located at http://BuildHoloLens.com. I have also created the new @BuildHoloLens Twitter account associated with the new blog as well.

Just as when I started BuildAzure.com last year, I will still continue to post here. I will just be posting all Microsoft HoloLens related content at http://BuildHoloLens.com, in addition to all Microsoft Azure content being posted over at http://BuildAzure.com.

If you’re interested in content in those topic areas, please subscribe to those separate blogs. For all other randomness as usual and anything that doesn’t fit my other blogs, you will still find it posted here at .