Chris Pietschmann recognized as a HashiCorp Ambassador for 2021

I am excited to announce that I have been selected by HashiCorp into their HashiCorp Ambassador program for 2021!

HashiCorp Ambassador 2021 badge image

It is an honor to be chosen as a HashiCorp Ambassador! This recognition highlights the value of the content and contributions I have been making to the community, particularly around HashiCorp Terraform. Over the past few years, I have dedicated considerable effort to producing quality content, blog articles, sharing knowledge, and helping others navigate the complexities of working with Terraform in DevOps and SRE roles.

This selection by HashiCorp not only acknowledges my individual efforts but it also underscores the importance of community engagement and collaboration. I am incredibly grateful to be recognized for my community work, and I look forward to contributing more to the HashiCorp community in the future. Thank you, HashiCorp!