My Work Authoring Microsoft Cloud Workshops

Over the last several years, I’ve been involved with writing content for the Microsoft Cloud Workshops (MCWs). These contain design sessions and hands-on lab training content that Microsoft uses to train their own Cloud Solution Architects (CSAs) and even used when working with customers to teach more about deploying advanced Microsoft Azure workloads in the cloud. I have authored new MCWs myself, as well as worked to help update and maintain many of the existing MCWs.

I thought I’d share a little more about what things I’ve been working on over time, as I haven’t really posted much about this in the past. The work I’ve done on the Microsoft Cloud Workshops (MCWs) has been to help define and condense best practices on designing and architecting cloud systems using Microsoft Azure technologies.

The following are a few of the Microsoft Cloud Workshops (MCWs) that I’ve authored completely new during my work with Microsoft on these MCWs:

The following are a few of the Microsoft Cloud Workshops that I’ve contributed to with updates and maintenance over time as well:

There may be more of the MCWs that I’ve contributed to over the last several years. These are the once I’ve identified with a quick overview of them over on GitHub. Several of the MCWs have been retired, but they are released open source over on GitHub so they’re all still out there and available. However, the older the retired MCWs get, the more out of date the content will be.

Have fun browsing through full list of Microsoft Cloud Workshops over on GitHub, as well as the list of MCWs currently being maintains still by Microsoft over at

Happy architecting cloud solutions!