So often in life we get distracted. These distractions can come in many forms. Sometimes things happen that distract our attention unnecessarily, like friends / family wanting our attention or something breaks that needs attention. Other times, we distract ourselves since we don’t want to deal with the realities of life. What ever the distraction is, it’s important to not allow it to pull your focus away from the important things for too long. Sure, there are times when we a distraction is welcome, but it mustn’t be allowed to persist for too long.

If you keep focusing on what matters in your life, you will be more productive towards your goals and generally happier with life. It doesn’t matter what matters most, just that you focus your attention and do the things that matter to you in your life.

Personally, things like sports and celebrities are not things that matter to me. I do not focus my time and attention on those things. As a result, I focus my time on learning, blogging, my children, work successes, exercise, etc that are important to me. By focusing on the important things, I’m not distracting myself away from my own happiness and overall productiveness of life.

There are times when you find yourself distracted, by yourself or others, for too long. It is those times that you need to pull yourself back in and focus on the important things again. It can be easy to get distracted, and it’s not always easy to get focused again. However, you need to force yourself to get you focus back on the important things from time to time. The more you do this, the easier it becomes to refocus.

Also, you’ll always be surprised how much progress you’ll make toward your goals when you force yourself to focus on the important things over time. Not much appears to happen in a single day or even a single month some times. However, over a year or even 10 years, you may be amazed at the overall progress that was built in that time.

Now, go focus, do what makes you happy, and forget about the negative of the unwelcome distractions.