I used to write up summary posts about the traffic of Build5Nines.com over on Build5nines.com. It’s been a few years since I did a write up of the annual traffic over there, so I decided to write up a simplified version of the old “Build5Nines.com year in review” style posts for 2022.

Top 15 Build5Nines.com Articles in 2022

Here’s the top articles with the most page views from Build5Nines.com during 2022:

  1. Azure Functions: Extend Execution Timeout Past 5 Minutes
  2. Fix .NET Core HTTP Error 500.30 After Publish to App Service from Visual Studio
  3. Use Terraform Input Variables to Parameterize Infrastructure Deployments
  4. Terraform: If/Else Conditional Resource and Module Deployment
  5. Properly Shutdown Azure VM to Save Money
  6. Azure Regions: Interactive Map of Global Datacenters
  7. Azure Region Pairs Explained
  8. Azure PowerShell Az: List and Set Azure Subscription
  9. Azure Resource Naming Conventions and Best Practices
  10. Terraform Expression: Get List Object by Attribute Value Lookup
  11. Microsoft Azure Icon Set Download – Visio stencil, PowerPoint, PNG, SVG
  12. Easy to Use VPN with OpenVPN in Azure
  13. Check Hyper-V (Intel VT-x) Virtualization Support on macOS Computer
  14. Azure CLI 2.0: List and Set Azure Subscription
  15. Terraform Feature Flags & Environment Toggle Design Patterns

Build5Nines.com Traffic in 2022

There was a time from late 2020 until mid-2022 that I was pretty inactive on Build5Nines.com due to life changes and focus on other things. In July 2022, I resumed active status of posting and writing for the site and started reviving lost traffic to the wite. Things are still building back up to the level of traffic that Build5Nines.com had received in its height of 2019 to 2020.

Here’s a graph from Wordpress (which I use to host the Build5Nines.com website) that shows the monthly page views in the second half of 2022:

Build5Nines.com monthly traffic growth during 2022

This graph shows that the page views / traffic of Build5Nines.com is growing quickly back to what it used to be. Although, recently I am pivoting the site to be more heavily focused on Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), DevOps Engineer, and HashiCorp Terraform focused content surrounding Microsoft Azure technologies. This is a slightly different direction than the general Azure and Microsoft Certification content focus of many years in the past. However, all the Certification content still remains on the site and I will continue to post some Certification content as well over time, it’s just not a primary focus anymore.

With this recent growth, I’m definitely on track to get Build5Nines.com back to the level of Over 1 Million page views per year (hopefully in 2023 {fingers crossed}) like it was back in 2020 when the site received 1.2 Million page views for the year.

Here’s a graph that shows the total page views for Build5Nines.com in 2022, along with previous years for comparison:

Build5Nines.com 2022 Annual Traffic Compared to Preview Years

Notice, the tallest bar is the page views for 2020, when Build5Nines.com received 1.2 million page views for the year. I can’t wait to get back there and surpass it!

How many articles are on Build5Nines.com?

Websites do not get traffic without content, and I’ve written ALOT over the last 7.5 years! In total Build5Nines.com has 827 published articles with 870,490 total words written!

This all comes out to a little over 1,000 words per article on average. Some articles are 3 to 5,000 words, while others are 800 words. I try to keep articles to 1,500 words are more, but there are times when less words covers the topic appropriately.

If you are writing and publishing on your own blog, keep in mind that it takes a long time to gain traction with getting traffic, as well as figuring out your writing voice / style. Be patient with yourself and keep making progress. Since the beginning of Build5nines.com, when I’ve been actively writing, I worked hard to publish at least 2 articles per week. Some times the articles are really short, some times longer, but only content will get page views. So, I push myself to keep publishing articles so the site will keep growing.

Wrap Up

Cheers to continued growth for Build5Nines.com in 2023. I look forward to continuing to grow the site and continue to write more content around SRE and DevOps topics. Let’s further learn and share how to more reliably automate the cloud together in the coming year!

I enjoy writing these posts to provide some community transparency on Build5Nines.com, since I’m just a geek like you who enjoys writing and sharing what I learn. Thanks for reading and following my content over the years! It’s mind blowing how many I’ve helped over the years, and is my way to give back to a great community I’ve learned so much from over the years as well.