Hi! I don’t blog on this site much anymore, but I though I’d post about getting awarded the Microsoft MVP award this year. This marks the 8th time I’ve been awarded Microsoft MVP in the last 12 years. It’s always humbling and exciting to be recognized by Microsoft for everything I do in the community. My contributions include activities in both online and offline outlets.

My online contributions mostly consist of activities surrounding BuildAzure.com. I’ve been blogging over there almost exclusively for the last 4 years now, and I’ve built up a pretty large list of content around Microsoft Azure and related technologies over there. I recommend you click on over and check it out. Additionally, I do participate in online forums, StackOverflow, Twitter, and other ways online as well.

My offline contributions include both user group and conference presenting. I was a founder of the Milwaukee Azure meetup group back in 2016, organized two Global Azure Bootcamp events in Milwaukee, Wisconsin over the years, and helped out staffing multiple events throughout the years. I’ve also presented at a few meetup groups and conferences as well. One I’d like to call out in particular is That Conference. I really enjoy both attending and presenting at That Conference, and will be presenting this year again.

If you’d like to read more about what the Microsoft MVP program is, and how someone gets awarded Microsoft MVP, then I recommend you check out my article “How to become a Microsoft MVP”.

Thanks for the kudos! And, I look forward to blogging, presenting, and sharing more throughout the next year!