The System.Drawing.ColorTranslator class has some static methods that can be used to convert to/from HTML colors and the System.Drawing.Color object for that color in C# other .NET languages. There are times when this task is necessary, and it’s somewhat of a little known feature within the System.Drawing namespace.

To convert from an HTML color code to System.Drawing.Color, use the following:


To convert from System.Drawing.Color to an equivalent HTML color code, use the following:


Here is a small C# example of how to convert a System.Drawing.Color to the HTML color format (Hex value or HTML color name value) and back.

// Convert from HTML color
System.Drawing.Color c = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator

// Convert to HTML color
String strHtmlColor = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator

Hopefully this helps you with the color code conversions you are needing to perform within your applications.